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"Swan Song".

Kind of really majorly messed with Chuck. In a bad way. And a good way.

The problem that comes up is this: I've been characterizing Chuck, writing a back story of my own design, when WHAM, "Swan Song" knocked me off my feet. And I like the new characterization, kind of. But I like what I was already working with, too. Internal conflict happened.

Then it occurred to me that I can pull out that having and eating analogy, by creating separate verses to play with Chuck in. In some of the old posts, they overlap a little. But, from now on, posts will be tagged to reflect these three verses:

The Prophet: Chuck Shurley is a Prophet of the Lord. Nothing more, nothing less. AKA, "Swan Song? What Swan Song?"

The God: Chuck Shurley is God. He wanted to stay out of things, but had to involve Himself, just a little. (Maybe He's been every prophet, maybe He's just Chuck. Maybe He forgot He was God for awhile, maybe He didn't. I haven't decided yet.)

(And, of course, there is still The Author, who will gladly talk to fans (or about his books) in a pre-series or The Real Ghostbusters context.)
You want to know about my name? Really? It's not all that interesting - it's just Chuck.

But, if you really want to know, I guess I'll tell the story.

See, not that long ago - thirty years or so back - I decided that I was tired of my life, and wanted a change. A new life, a different life.

The first thing to go was my look. Tall and bearded and imposing works most of the time, but not when you're trying to blend in. So small and meek and mild-mannered it was (though I kept the beard, sort of).

Next thing to go was my omniscience. That stuff is kind of a pain when you're trying to pass as mortal, so I knocked it down a notch. Kept my superhuman knowledge base on a need-to-know basis - the Winchesters, and the Apocalypse, mainly.

And the last thing was my name. Names, really. I've had a lot of them, all very imposing and regal and so on, but again, trying to pass for mortal. So my name had to be something more... average. Something not too common, but not uncommon either. Something not to dull or too excited.

After a bit of deliberation, I settled on Chuck.

It's not very interesting, but it's a good name, don't you think?


(confused? check out the Swan Song explanation post!)
Something I used to be really into - and I mean really into - was comic books. I'd read any kind I could get my hands on - the classic superhero ones, sci-fi, fantasy, whatever. I was a fan.

I don"t just mean a comic book fan like the kids who go around buying DC and Marvel comics so they know what they"re talking about when they go to see the newest movie.Collapse )

Chuck tries the road trip thing, right when he's starting out with the books. It's basically one long, depressing family road trip, right? He figures he needs to get into Sam and Dean's mindset, to feel how they do every day, driving from place to place with only a cheap bed to rest their heads at night.

Sera calls it an adventure, and encourages it.Collapse )


online publishing?


On one hand, this would definitely make it easier to get around some of the limitations that paper publishing has. And if an online published book became popular, maybe a larger publisher would pick up the series again.

On the other, I really need some money, and online publishing doesn't look like it provides. If the online book isn't popular, then I'm screwed. And my apprehensions about continuing the series still apply.

Any thoughts, guys? Input from online book readers would be like solid gold to me, here. You're the guys who're really influencing this field, and who would know the most about it from a fan's standpoint. Is this really a viable way to get publicity? Have you read a book online and then later bought a paper copy? Can it actually help me make a living?
I... don't know if this means what child-me would say about present-me, or what present-me would say to child-me. What the hell, let's go with both. Completeness and all that jazz.

If Chuck Shurley the kid could see me now, I think I know exactly what he would say. "Why aren't you an astronaut?" he'd whine. I was so obsessed with being an astronaut, I thought Buzz Aldrin was the coolest guy ever. Buzz Lightyear too, though I said I was too old to watch Toy Story when it came out.

The space program's moved towards unmanned spacecrafts, though. Even if I'd gone through with the degrees and training, I doubt I'd have been an actual astronaut. Not that I'd tell myself that.

No, if I saw myself, I'd only have one thing to say, really. I'd squat down at his level, grab him by the shoulders, force him to look me in the eye, and tell him, "Don't get them published. The money isn't worth it."